Catfish from DDI

150 Catfish where stocked into the main lake and 55 cats into the square pool during January 2000 to improve the quality of fishing that we at domaine des iles can offer the fisherman. It is hoped that the cats will grow on quickly, with an abundance of roach and small bream in DDI hopefully providing a good diet for the new predators.


The old lake Record - 41lb 4oz

45lb Catfish


31lb Cat.

catfish 2003


catfish 2003

My first kitten from DDI, just under 6 pounds but ever such a nice clean fish.

Here is the first catfish caught from domaine des iles weighing in at 8 and a half pounds by Jean Bernard.

JB stocking one of the cats into the square pool.

Jean Masters with a cat from one of the cabins.