Lake Record.
January 31st 1999 

                           During a 3 day trip in bleak conditions Paul Wheeler fished in Temperatures of -5 to bank 2 carp, the first came at 09:45 on the Sunday morning and resulted with a hard fighting 35.8lb mirror which managed to find a new snag twice, however after a bit of a tug of war the fish was landed.  Paul was delighted with this January fish but his exitement was soon to turned to elation when at 16:45 he had a powerful run on his right hand rod, after a 20 minute fight Paul glided the fish over his landing net only to find that the fish would not fit in length wise, but upon lifting the net the fish safely folded into it.  Paul then realised that he had a huge mirror safely banked and a weight of 66 pounds was established, and a new Lake Record. 
                              Having witnessed the fish, and known Paul for some time now I would like to say many congratulations mate, you deserve this monster.

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