First Video of the Back Lake from Ronald Zwanenberg
with his Drône

Made this short movie of my family carp week in Offoy, France, at Domaine des Iles at the Back Lake. It is the story of TWOTONE a mirror carp with a weight of 20 kg. he or maybe she? I don't know actually? he or she is named this way of the 2 colors on her side. We caught her 2 times over a period of 2 days ,with a different weight of 2 kilo's. This was because of his or her spawning. I made several drone flights above the Back Lake and we caught around 50 carps and catfish.

Second Video of the Back Lake from Ronald Zwanenberg
This movie I made to show you the hotspots on the Back Lake of Domaine des Iles, because of the lily fields the Back Lake is a real home with natural protection for the carps. As you will see it is a beautiful place for a carp fisher. If you watch carefully the footage of the lily fields you can see the carps swim. All the carps we caught around the edges of the fields and the sides of the lake. I hope you enjoy to watch my movie !
"Backlake hotspots":