our fishery rules are both for our clients and the wellfare of our fish stocks fishery rules 40 pound carp
1/  Swims available from 10 a.m. on arrival, to be vacated by 10 a.m. on day of departure.  If you arrive early wait at the gate, DO NOT RING THE BELL. 
2/ Cars can be driven to your swim for unloading and loading and afterwards parked in the designated parking area. It is possible to park next to your swim but you will need to open the boot for view on departure, if you do not wish to be inspected then you must leave your car in the main car park and not next to your swim.
3/ 3 Rod Limit Only for carp. No Rods to be left unattended. An extra rod is permitted for catfish only with the explicit permission of Mr. Caron.
4/ Commercially prepared particles from bait companies are allowed. It is strictly forbidden to use home-made particles, except for hemp.
5/ Carp Mats compulsory. 
6/ No Litter or Noise.  Respect the environment. 
7/ Bait boats can be used to a maximum of 100 yards, no dingheys are allowed. 
8/ No sacking of fish.
9/ NO fixed rigs.  Lines will be randomly checked
10/ No stalking on main lake between swims 13 and 14. 
11/ There is a 10 mph speed limit around the Lake and vehicles can be driven once per day only around the estate to go to the toilet and shower blocks.
12/ Any eels caught can be kept for the owner. 

* Save the planet * ALL swims must be kept litter free, please bag your rubbish up and take your full bags to the respective recycling bins when going to the shower or to the shops. You will be shown the bins on your arrival.
YELLOW - Plastic
BLUE - Cartons, cans and tins.
BLACK - Garbage.
Seperate - All bottles.

14/ Don't touch the eel trap under the bridge. 
15/ The shop in Matigny is open every morning excluding Sundays, the Supermarket in Ham is open from Mon-Sun lunchtime.
16/ The access code number for the gate will be given on arrival, but the main gate is locked between 8pm and 8am.
17/ The boat is available in case of big problems with a carp or catfish only. 
18/ If you have any problems or emergencies then call Bernard Caron at his home. 
19/ When booking a lodge or cabin we will require your credit card details for the event of any breakages.
20/ All pike caught MUST be released.

We wish you an enjoyable fishing holiday at Domaine des Iles. If you have any questions regarding the rules, please contact us.