66 pound carp
Domaine des Iles
carp over 50lbs
French Carp Fishing
D . D . I . For Short

reams - A lake were dreams of catching your PB can come true
Determination - Every angler is driven by determination of catching the big one
Imagination - This is were we try to out wit the fish and use every bit of your angling skills

DDI is a place were you can fulfill all of those dreams.

It is not just catching the fish but the lovely environment in which you sit to do so.
No television, only the natural environment, all in high definition.

It is not just the fishing people come to DDI for but the pleasure of just being here, away from the rat race and learn to relax and enjoy what is around you.

Yes ! the determination will keep bringing us all back, the dreams we will go home with and whilst we all remain carp fishing the imagination will never go away.

Lakes for Sale

Lodges for sale
View Inside the new luxery lodge at the back lake.

Carp Fishing in France for Big Carp
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A carp fishing Paradise where a dream fish can become a reality.