Family trip to the Back Lake Lodge
Whilst having a cup of tea with my friend Simon a few months back I told him that I had the back lake Lodge booked at Domaine des iles for 7 days during the last week of August before the children went back to school and that I was taking my Son and daughter over there to do a spot of fishing and relaxation. I suggested that Simon come along with his wife Lauren and my god-daughter Evie, plus Simons nephew Jake, which could tie in with Simon's final testing of his new top loading catamaran bait boat "Top-Kat" to enable us to push it through its paces. Simon did not have too much persuading to do because we all went over to the back lake lodge last year and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, the only difficulty may have been if Lauren could not manage it being pregnant, but this did not matter as everything is clean and tidy and comfortable in the Lodge.

Simon and Evie on the ferry
On the Ferry

So come the day to travel to DDI and with a strong cup of coffee to hand we set of at 3:45am and duly arrived as planned at 11:30 driving straight round to the back lake. First things first was a shopping trip, there are 2 supermarkets in Ham which is only 5 minutes drive away with a stop on the way back to the duck farm to get our eggs, pate, desert wine and cider amongst other fresh home made products. Before the light faded and darkness descended upon us we where all set up in the lodge and the rods where out and we sat in antisipation. Soon after the ligt had faded Danny caught his PB grass carp of 24lb 4oz beatting his previous one by 3lbs and 10oz caught from last years trip to DDI, he was over the moon. During the night I caught a 28lb 8oz mirror carp and a 14lb catfish and Jake caught his PB mirror of 18lb, beating his previous one by 2lb. Jake has only been fishing a few months now and the back Lake at DDI is ideal for him to learn a thing or two - and he did :)

Danny PB Grass Carp 24lb 4oz
28lb 8oz mirror carp
14lb catfish

After having seen the catfish and witnessing how tame they are on the bank after putting up a good fight Danny told me that he hoped that he would catch a catfish during the week. Tuesday passed pretty quietly as the clouds gathered and the darkness arrived earlier than normal, during the night we had a fantastic lightening storm which seamed to last all night but the fish still fed and Simon caught a 14lb 4oz grass carp and early morning I caught 2 commons of 21lb and 26lb 8oz.

14lb 4oz grass carp
21lb and 26lb 8oz
Me and Lydia

On the wednesday I spent the day with Bernard doing some updates on the website, I have been doing Bernards website for about 13 years now after a chance encounter when my car broke down in the winter at DDI. My Mum, Dad and my brother where arriving to spend the back part of the week with us and they arrived on time as planned at 4:30pm and we started arranging the dinner table on the decking outside the Lodge as Bernard had prepared dinner and his family where coming round for the evening. A very very enjoyable evening was had by all and shortly after having finished Danny caught his first ever catfish, at 6lb it wasn't big but you can see from the smile on his face that he was very happy (as was I). During the night Simon caught a 19lb 6oz mirror and a 20lb fully scaled mirror affectionatly nicknamed a few years back by by Raphael "le tarte de pomme". Danny managed to catch a 21lb common and also a new PB common for him of 22lb 8oz.

6 pound catfish
Tarte de Pomme 20 lbs
19lb 6oz mirror
22lb 8oz common

On Thursday we drove to Parc Asterix as we had been to EuroDisney last year, the drive was less than 1 hour and very straight forward - Nestle, Roye, A1 and the parc has its own exit off the A1. The parc is not as big as EuroDisney but also not as crowded, there are rides for all children of different ages and is a great alternative to Eurodisney. On the drive home rather than cook when we got back we went to the McDonalds just off the A1 at Roye for the kids and in the evening we popped into Ham a got a Chinese takeaway which we ate back at the Lodge. During the night Danny caught an 18lb mirror and a 21lb 8oz mirror, I caught a 22lb 4oz mirror and Jake caught his new PB common of 24lbs.

21lb 8oz mirror
18lb Mirror
Jake's new PB Common 24lbs
22lb 4oz

On Friday we took a drove to Ham where we went to the Free Range Chicken Farm and brought some more eggs and Pate and desert wine for lunch and whilst we where there my Mum, Dad and brother took all the kids for a swim at the Pool in Ham, the kids thoroughly enjoyed the chute that they have there, one of the pools has a current and you can also get a jacuzzi there. We managed to get our rods out about 4pm and not too long later Simon caught his new PB Mirror of 37lbs 8oz, he was pleased that he managed to get it this year as Danny had taken a 36 pounder on Simons Rods last year :) After the dust had settled a succession of smaller carp graced the net all to Jake a 16lb 2oz and 17b mirrors, 13lb 8oz common. My god-daughter Evie had woken and was watching all the exitement and wanted to "touch fish", she found it very funny :) In the morning I managed a 25lb 10oz common and Danny upped his PB catfish to 14lb.

Simons new PB 37lbs 8oz mirror carp
16lb 2oz mirror
17lb mirror
13lb 8oz common
25lb 10oz common and 14lb catfish

Our last day was so quickly upon us and we went into Peronne and visited the Market Place followed by a tour around the First World War Museum, "Historial de la grande guerre 14 - 18" the 2 boys and my daughter found this extremelly interesting and we all learned some facts that we never new beforehand. In the afternoon we where going to go on the trail of rememberence but we ran out of time and we promised the kids that they could go back to the swimming pool and seeing as it was a lovely hot afternoon the pool won.
We got back to the lake at about 18:00 hrs and soon after casting out, one of my rods roared off, I was letting Lauren take my next run but she was so fast asleep that Simon could not wake her, so Danny took it and it turned out to be a an immaculate 34lb 10oz mirror, so for the 2nd year running danny had taken a good thirty on someone elses rod, he has the same luck as his father :) Later on when Lauren was awake she took the next run on Simons rod which turned out to be 28lb 8oz mirror and that made the 8th PB of the week as she beat her PB by 2lbs. During the night before we packed up there was time for the 25th fish of the week which I had at 25lb 10oz mirror.
Historial de la grande guerre
Historial de la grande guerre
34lb 10oz
Laurens PB 28lb 8oz Mirror
25lb 10oz

We had a fantastic week at the back lake lodge, great surroundings, great company, great food, great wine, great fishing, great days out, quite simply a great time was had by everyone.

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