Our Trip to EuroDisney.

Over the past 5 years I have been trying to get my wife to come over to Le Domaine des iles for a holiday, however having a son who has special needs it was proving to be fairly difficult persuading her that everything would be ok. The two times she had been scheduled to come in the past had both been aborted due to Billy (my son) being admitted to Hospital a few days prior. After speaking with Bernard he assured us that everything would be fine and if we needed the hospital there would not be a problem, so this year in May I found myself taking the family over to DDI for the very first time. We where greeted by Bernard, Odile, Jean-Bernard and Severine in the morning and went round to the main Lodge to unpack where we met Paul and Lynne Wheeler. We had agreed to share the lodge for the 2 days and that way I could get Paul to help me look after the boys. We mostly played football all day and I think Paul was pleased when the boys finally fell asleep after a bar-b-que on the balcony, still at least he must have lost a few pounds. The next day was roughly the same and it wasn't long before Paul and Lynne had said their goodbyes and it was just the 4 (myself, Tammy, Billy and daniel) of us left.

The next day we where invited to Bernards House to have dinner and I must say I have never tasted food as good as the dinners I have had round Bernards house, both Bernard and Jean are top trained chefs form Paris, America and England. I was very pleased that my two boys, Daniel and Billy behaved themselves very well and for a treat Bernard gave them a chocolate fish to eat which had more chocolate inside the belly, they both looked a site after they had finished that off with chocolate all around there faces.

lunch with Bernard

After dinner Bernard showed us his favorite dog, Harry, at work. He showed Harry a stone and then went and hid it in the garden and Harry had to go and get it which he did with no problem at all, the boys found this so funny that poor Harry had to keep going to find my son's shoes which they kept on hiding in the garden.

The next day I took the boys fishing for a while and they loved it - for all of a couple of hours. During the day Bernard organized for our tickets for the TGV and Eurodisney to be delivered to him that evening, which when they arrived he brought them round to the Lodge and we sat on the balcony having a drink or two.

Billy with an eel
daniel waiting patiently
20 pound common

By now wednesday was upon us and we had to get an early start because we where off to Eurodisney on the 07:00 am TGV train. The train station is only 10-15 minutes drive away and it is possible for Bernard to arrange transport to the station but we decided to drive as the station has a big car-park which is free and it would give us more flexibility. The TGV is totally differant from our own railway services with the trains being on time and extremely clean, also we had seats which where reserved for us and the coffee tasted like coffee. When you get off the train at the eurodisney stop you go up the escalators and you are at the front of the park so it couldn't be easier. The day started off overcast and I had my jumper on but as the day progressed it got hotter and hotter and I didn't have a t-shirt, appart from the uncomfortable situation I was in we had a fantastic day and the boys really enjoyed themselves.

sleeping beuties castle
boat ride
Buz and Jessie

It was fairly late by the time we got back and the boys crashed out in the Lodge really quickly which meant me and Tammy could have a drink on the balcony, the night was cool and the company good and we whiled away the time until about 1:00 am when we turned in. The last day me and the boys spent walking around the estate with Harry and playing football again so that by the time the evening came they where worn out again.

boys asleep


I am now really looking forward to taking them again next year and hopefully my youngest may be a bit more interested in the fishing by then.

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